Design and development of applications

Design and development of applications
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We can realize in our offices work packages, i.e.:  projects with obligation of results.

The team:

Starting from our Client's specifications, our experts and our technical leader divide the project in several work packages, evaluating the load (man/day).

Once the design load, development load and test load is estimated and jointly validated by CELAD and the Client, the operational team is set-up.

This team is supervised by a project manager, himself  helped by our technical leaders, our quality engineers or experts from CELAD.

Those experts follow the project on a regular basis, and are ready to help each time the team feels the need for it.


For our work package projects, services offered by CELAD must follow our quality insurance policy. This policy is called CELAD quality system (CMMI equivalent system - levels 2/3).

Project follow-up is garanteed by regular quality monitoring indicators (qualitative and quantitative). The analysis of these indicators must help:

To list the requests (functional, technical),
To identify the causes of any anomaly,
To propose improvement tasks,
To formalize the conformance of expected services and delivered services.

Indicators analysis will be done with client in follow-up meetings. New indicators and thresholds can choosen during these meetings.

Our various processes are robusts but will be tailored to the projects and the client's context, following rules set by the organization.

Standard processes are developed, maintained, supported and their application controled by the Process Group (technical leader, quality manager).

Each project capitalize its experiences and improve the group's capital.


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