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Aeronautics & Space


We have gained expertise in the aeronautics industry through our experience with aircraft and equipment manufacturers, throughout an aircraft’s development cycle:

  • System specifications
  • Requirements gathering
  • System modeling
  • Design and architecture of avionic systems
  • Software and hardware development, prototyping
  • Checking & validation
  • Systems integration
  • Tech watch / R&T
  • Project follow-up

We are involved in a great deal of aeronautics subjects, such as Flight commands, Pilot-assisting systems, aircraft information and communication systems, maintenance systems, regulation systems, composite materials, PLM and more.


CELAD also provides services at the heart of spatial exploration and discovery, with major clients with projects in the space industry, such as:

Design and development of an orbitography-related project, design of libraries that are a part of the ground segment of optical observation systems, ground data processing, systems and tools for ground data processing, ground section, Space exploration and discovery, space systems and vehicles, telecommunications satellites, etc.

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