L'ingénierie à visage humain

HR Policies

Individuals are at the heart of our business. Through its renowned social policy, CELAD strives to achieve a perfect balance between human management and technical supervision.

CELAD is organized on a human scale and we know how to keep a close relationship both with our collaborators and our customers.

Our values are also yours:

Our availability to hear you out
Our acknowledgement to allow you to thrive
Our supervision to help push you forward
Our receptiveness to meet your expectations!
A proximity team for more conviviality!

Becoming part of CELAD means reconciling a human scale, dynamism and professionalism all in one company that is acknowledged for its performances and social policy.

Success is based on exchange:
We need to get to know you just as much as
you need to get to know us.

One of the keys to CELAD’s success and own culture is the quality of our recruits. That is the key element that CELAD chose to further its development. Through the process, you will get to meet our team :

Our recruiting managers, in order to define your expectations, verify the alignment of our mutual goals (activity domain, positions, responsibilities, evolution…)
Our business engineers in order to address said expectations better and quicker (and satisfy them)
Our technical managers, in order to verify the matching of your technical and relational skills with the exigencies of our business and customers

Recruitment statistics for the past 12 months:

Graduated engineers from major schools

BAC + 5 Graduated students

BAC + 2 / BAC + 3