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Third-party Application Acceptance


Third-party application acceptance allows guaranteeing the quality of software by giving the test and acceptance phases a decisive place.

Software acceptance is a major step in a project but it is often overlooked, forgotten even, for lack of time, human resources or material. The quality of an application is essential in order to ensure a well-fitted service in regard of users’ needs and requirement.

Third-party application acceptance consists in letting a subcontracted company perform the acceptance phase for existing applications, within the framework of a fixed-price contract that includes written commitments for results in terms of quality, prices and time spent.

Third-party acceptance is the one way to guarantee the quality of software by means of a functional view of the project and an acute understanding of specific business rules.

Our solutions:

We offer a service center based on business-oriented knowledge, fixed-price contracts, quality approach, and process industrialization.


Creation of a service center that will perform the acceptance phase, based on:

  • Knowledge and skills in three business areas:
    +Customer’s trade
    +Acceptance and qualification domains
    +Project management
  • Fixed-price contract
  • Clear and measurable commitment
  • Quality approach
  • Industrialization of acceptance and qualification processes.

Phases of acceptance: