L'ingénierie à visage humain

Signal/Image processing

Celad has increased experience in the field of signal and image processing through a number of projects with clients, including: Continental, Ingenico, SCLE-SFE and Airbus Innovation Group Works.

We take part in various activities related to signal and image processing

  • Linear and non-linear filtering
  • Frequency analysis, small waves
  • Modeling, optimized progressive representations, parsimonious representations
  • 2D, 3D, nD segmentation. 2D and 3D texture analysis
  • Blind deconvolutioning, de-noising, restoration, re-sampling, source segregation, echo cancelling, noise elimination, signal formatting, filtering, compression
  • Measuring and exploitation of movement on video, 3D perception (stereoscopy, SLAM, etc.)
  • Classification and recognition of shapes, learning algorithms,
  • Hardware error correction

Languages and tools
C/C++ and Python, assembler, VHDL, VERILOG, DSP

Simulink, oscilloscope, wattmeter, multimeter, cadstar, Matlab, OpenCV, labview, eagle, ORCAD, MPLAB