L'ingénierie à visage humain

Trading and retail

We have been participating in both trade and retail sectors for more than 15   years, in all regions where CELAD is present. Stakes are very high for business in the Trade & Retail industry and CELAD stays close at hand to support them in their projects.

We can contribute to multiple project types, such as:

  • Analysis of requirements and functional specifications (Project ownership)
  • Software package design and development (web, server clients)
  • Development of mobile apps (IOS, Android)
  • Servers administration (mostly Windows server)
  • Massive Wi-Fi deployment in stores (self-scanning solutions, for example)
  • Implementing logistic solutions
  • EPT deployment
  • Hardware support, level 1-2-3 support
  • Project follow-up, site supervision when building a new store, etc.